Cryotherapy is well documented worldwide as being used for the daily management of pain, inflammation, and stress related conditions. The extremely cold temperature sends a shock signal to the brain stimulating the central nervous system’s response, which triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain inhibitors and mood elevators.

Cryotherapy has been known to enhance blood and lymphatic circulation as well as decrease inflammation by clearing toxins and metabolic waste with a supply of oxygenated, nutrient enriched blood. This stimulates cellular regeneration and energy levels in human body, helping boost metabolism, reduce fatigue and improve physical performance. 


1) Reduce Inflammation

Various Studies, ranging from 10 to 45 subjects,  have shown cryotherapy treatment increased the presence of anti-inflammatory proteins (cytokines IL-6, IL-1Ra, and IL-10) and decreased pro-inflammatory cytokine levels (IL-1α). These changes lasted longer for those who completed more cold chamber sessions.

2) Reduced Pain + Increase Joint Mobility

Cryotherapy may reduce pain by decreasing inflammation, improving antioxidant balance, and increasing beta-endorphins [1], which results in a reduction of pain and swelling helping you get back to training faster

3) Enhanced Energy Levels

Cryotherapy shocks the body and boosts the immune system. One of the most commonly reported almost immediate benefits of cryotherapy is an increase in energy level and consequent strength.

4) Improved Circulation

Heating your body and muscles while in the InfraRed Sauna cause the blood flow to increase throughout the body similar to the increase experienced during exercise.

5) Skin Rejuvenation 

The Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy showed significant signs of improvement in skin appearance, reduction in wrinkles and crows feet, as well as over all skin tone , elasticity, and firmness.

3) Weight Loss

In a recent study, InfraRed Saunas were shown to reduce waistlines by burning extra calories (fat) while you sit and relax. Another study found that one 30 minute session can burn more than 600 calories.

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What to expect from your Cryotherapy Session

The first thing you will do before your first cryotherapy session is to complete a general waiver and a questionnaire for a quick assessment on any injuries, medical conditions and overall health. There are few absolute contraindications including pregnancy and some severe heart conditions, but mostly just general discussion to give you a chance to ask any questions and feel secure about the experience. Once approved, our technician will give you a general overview of what happens during the session and addresses any questions you may have.

You are then taken to the to the Cryotherapy suit where you can change your clothes (we recommend workout attire or swimwear), and remove any jewelry. We also provide gloves and socks to wear during your session. Then you enter the cryo-chamber and shut the door. The technician uses the controls on the cryo-chamber to set the proper cryotherapy parameters, which is then filled with nitrogen gas. Your body (with the exception the head, feet and hands) is exposed to subzero temperatures (-150· to -300·F) for about three minutes.

While unexpectedly comfortable, the burst of intense cold has a dramatic effect on the body. To allow your body time to acclimate to the cold, we start new customers at 2:30 for the first session, increase to 2:45 the second, and settle on 3:00 for repeat visits. That’s all it takes to increase metabolism, flush inflammation, produce endorphins and boost collagen. Receptors below the skin become aware of the onset of extreme cold, sending the body into survival mode. Rapidly constricting blood vessels near the skin’s surface send an infusion of blood to the major organs to maintain a healthy temperature at the core body’s core.

As you return to a room-temperature environment after the session, the blood vessels quickly dilate, sending blood rushing back to the skin. In addition, blood circulation is stimulated naturally so that oxygenated blood is delivered to damaged tissue.

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