Float Therapy

Floatation therapy works by creating a gravity-free environment that allows for the elongating of the spine, the relaxation of the muscles, and limiting the patient’s stimuli intake to reduce stress. The isolated environment promotes a sense of tranquility that decreases stress hormones, and the body and mind enter a relaxed state akin to sleep. The salts used in floatation therapy nourish the skin and hair and also contribute to lessening muscle pain by preventing inflammation in the joints and muscles.


1) Speed up Muscle Recovery

Floatation Tanks use 1000 lbs of magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) known to reduce lactic acid and muscle soreness. This helps the body to recover up to 4 times faster, allowing you to train harder.

2) Increased Mental Acuity

Increased blood flow delivers essential oxygen plus glucose, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other nutrients to your brain  keeping the mind sharp, focused and even lead to increased sensory acuity lasting days following float session..

3) Reduce Fatigue and Stress

Studies have shown the use of floatation therapy to be extremely beneficial for relaxation by increasing dopamine levels, which create feelings of euphoria while reducing stress levels and aiding in mental and physical relaxation.

4) Increased Blood Circulation

Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body helping to more quickly repair muscle tissues, promote cell growth and improve brain function while helping you look and feel healthier.

5) Improved Sleep

Magnesium has been proven to improve sleep quality due to its ability to relax GABA receptors in the brain and the nervous system. This promotes a sense of calm and virtually slows down the mind and body.

6) Increased Immune System Function 

The low-impact environment gives your body time to rest and recuperate, and gives your immune system the opportunity to shift into a higher gear, strengthening your body’s immune response.

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How to Prepare Before Your Float Therapy Session

Avoid caffeine or any stimulants 4 hours ahead of your float: That can interrupt the relaxation responses.

Have a bit of food on your stomach:  A snack or small meal 60 minutes ahead of time can reduce the chances of your belly growling, which turns out is a super loud disruption when you’re in the tank.

Don’t shave the day of your float:  Shaving can irritate skin which can be irritating when you get into the 33% salt water solution.

Consider some transition time into your plan:  Coming straight from a long day at work, or hurrying to make it on time through traffic may leave you feeling frazzled.

New clients need to arrive 30 minutes before appointment time. We encourage people to stack their float with another service to help them relax and prepare for their float.

What to Expect During Your Float Therapy Session

After showering you may enter your Float Pod, which contains just 10 inches of water. You may leave your Pod’s lid open, propped, or closed for your float. The lid is on hydraulic arms and opens easily when pushed. Lie back gently; the buoyancy of the water will effortlessly support you. Once your session has started you will have access to your control buttons—including your light and music. To enhance relaxation we offer 10 minutes of soothing music to start—and wrap up your session with 5 minutes of music at the end. You may also bring your own music for your floats or opt for alternate music options in the future—ask your float consultant to show you how. The float has ended once your Pod’s filtration system comes on and the water starts to move. Don’t worry, if you doze off and miss your cue to exit, we will let you know the session has ended via your Float Pod’s intercom! Refrain from touching your face while in the Float Pod to avoid getting salt into your eyes.  That being said, we provide squirt bottles of fresh water in each pod as a precaution!

Everything You Need for Your Float Therapy Session

Your float tank is in a private room with a shower.  We suggest wearing a swimsuit and we supply bath products, towels, earplugs, bathrobe, q-tips and even some vaseline should you have a small cut that needs to be protected from burning salt-water. After your float, we do have a area where you can prepare to go back out in the world. It is stocked with a hairdryer and a few essentials, but you may want to bring hair styling products and makeup should you need to get ready for a day or evening out.

How to Enhance Experience Before or After a Float

Pre-float is a wonderful time for a massage. You can consider just 15 – 20 minutes using the NormaTec Pulse Recovery system as it helps you go into a new experience already relaxed!  A Post Float Sauna session is another compliment to your float and will allow you to keep the relaxation vibe going strong.

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Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Increased Mental Acuity

Reduce Fatigue and Stress

Increased Blood Circulation

Improved Sleep

Increased Immune System Function


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